Come On Up! Share Lives Together

Posted on December 21, 2011


Apartment. Rent a house. These are the most common terms we use when we’re looking for a place to stay. But they usually sound boring. You’d live in a place alone. You go home not having anyone to eat dinner with. You wake up alone. Sometimes, if not most, you end up holding your own hands… Worst, you end up talking to yourself. If the wifi benefits are available to you, you end up spending your time interacting online… Online. Not in a personal level.

In Come On Up, we envision to awaken the lonely souls. Let’s try to change the picture. You wake up with people greeting you “good morning.” You see friends right before your busy day begins. And after a long, busy day, you go home with people like you who came from busy days as well. You dine together. You get to relax together. You get to see them in person and not having to struggle seeing them behind the pixels of your Skype chat.

How does that sound?

It’s called, sharing lives together. That doesn’t happen in a typical apartment. It only happens in a place called share house. And that’s what Come On Up House is all about. The photo below is a glimpse of it.

Start exploring this lifestyle at Come On Up House.

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