Why They Love Share House: The Narimasu Experience

Posted on December 27, 2011


Last week, I got the chance to hang out with some of the share house residents of Come on UP at Narimasu. It gave me a glimpse of their lifestyle there. They were very hospitable and the food they prepared was great. The cheese fondue they prepared was really delightful it made my night.

Before leaving the house, I asked them one question: “what do you like about living in a share house?”

“Live with Daigo,” Daigo jokes. Daigo is the Narimasu house manager and he has experienced working in Canada, a foreign nation.

Kaori, an office worker whose hometown is Kouchi, is sticking to the Narimasu share house because of family. No, not that she’s living with her family but because the people that she’s living with have become family to her. They’re not even blood related. They were just people who looked for a private room to rent in Tokyo and then found one another as co-residents sharing the house together.

Miki, a PE teacher whose hometown is Kobe, likes the living in a share house because of the friendly atmosphere. Kaori and her had similar answers and you would know how deep their friendship is even by just looking at them interacting.

These people chose sharing a house with others rather than waking up every morning without friends to interact with. They are few of those who would prefer to go home with friends to dine with rather than eating solo.

Present that evening was one of the student from outside Tokyo who was here for the Tokyo Winter Forum. She’s been liking her experience in the Narimasu share house and given a choice, she would live in one here in Tokyo.

The Narimasu share house is more than just a house. It’s incomparable to a Tokyo apartment or a Tokyo guesthouse. That night, it turned out to be home as I was observing their relationships. They treated one another as family. Without any convincing, this is reason enough to choose to live in a share house– family.
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