Beginning of a story

Posted on December 28, 2011


Hello Everybody,
My name is Noushin. I am from Iran, now living and studying in Tokyo with it’s unique rushed and fast paced lifestyle.

When I was deciding to come to Japan, which look like a mystery from outside (language is big barrier itself) I decided to live in share house where at least I was able to have support of friends from house to help me challenging with this unfamiliar world. I heard it’s yet a new phenomenon in Tokyo but I started searching and hopefully there were some results. Months has passed and now I am so happy for that decision. I don’t have any idea how was my life without help of my friends here.

Now I am living in an old two-floored typical Japanese house which has been changed a bit to became a house for nine people. Last eight months passed very fast, with hard days in rainy season, nice days in Japanese language school, having fun with my Japanese friends, knowing Tokyo and tasting many new dishes. Kind of weird to put tasting food between your memorable experiences? But believe me Japan has a food culture, I never seen something like this in other places anyway.

My room But it has been changes over months, I should take a new picture.

From now on I am gonna write here about my experiences and new things I learn or find interesting about living in Tokyo. I hope to hear your opinions and experiences too, Japan is a mystery even after living months here then it’s really nice to hear others opinions.
Ok! it is beginning for a journey. let’s walk together for long time.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

By Noushin
Come on UP House.

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