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Posted on December 28, 2011


Soon to Rise: Osaka Share House
Just before the new share house (first ever share house that Come on UP is building outside Tokyo) gets built, here are some facts you may want to know about it.

OSAKA, which means large slope or hill, is the third largest prefecture by population in Japan next to Yokohama. Decades ago, this prefecture was actually the largest one. One of the largest movers of the Japanese economy, Osaka boasts of businesses around the area that opened job opportuities to its localities and even to gaijins (foreign nationals) who like to explore Japan aside from Tokyo.

Speaking of gaijins, Osaka has a huge number of foreign nationals as well. In the 2005 census, the prefecture had 99,775 registered foreigners. If that was six years ago, it can be expected that this number has radically increased. This is why share houses such as the one that Come on UP is building, are a good contribution to the prefecture.

If you’re a gaijin, make sure you have ready winter clothes. They say January is the coldest there. Just like any other places in Japan, Osaka also has four different seasons.

So what’s big in Osaka?

As the saying goes in Japanese characters,


I don’t speak Japanese but they say it means this:

“Dress til you drop in Kyoto. Eat til you drop in Osaka.”

It’s self-explanatory but yea… They say people in Kyoto love to spend their money on clothes while Osakans splurge on… FOOD. Ah, we’re gonna love it there!

Come on UP House has something really exciting for Osakans this January 22, 2012. Find out more about this by clicking this.

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