2011 My Review

Posted on December 29, 2011


It’s looks strange to start a blog in the last days of the year but I want to use this as an opportunity to look back this passed year. Do you do this? I have this habit; when my yearly notebook comes to the last pages, before I say goodbye to it and put it on the shelf, I flip through it. There’re many sticks, concert tickets, highlights and pictures which has been gathered in 356 days. I am choosing my best 10 as the last game. Then how was year 2011 for me

1- Arabic Spring It start with Tunisia but it was Egypt and it’s Tahrir Square which stuck me to the news channels for days. I still follow them in news with some worries and best hope for them. Revolution is a scary phenomenon it could easily goes to the wrong way Iran’s 1979 revelation is a good example for it. I hope they pass this road safely. ganbatte!


2- Narita after 90 days hearing horrible news about Japan’s earth quick and nuclear crisis when my plan seemed to be canceled…I saw beautiful scenery of lands around Narita airport. I landed in Tokyo safely!

3- It was a dreamy year for movie lovers. Terrence Malik’s The Tree of Life, Farhadi’s A Separation, Sherlock Holmes and even Scorsese made Hugo in 3D! but for the movie gonna remind me of 2011 I think it’s Harry Potter, our long journey come to an end this year. Feeling happy and sad at the same time; thanks for the journey.


4- Angela Aki I loved what ever she sang this year but “Tsugara Kaikyu Fuyu Geshik” was something else, it’s a brilliant cover of an old enka. Give it a try if you’ve not listened to it yet . my Japanese friends said I look like an obasan (grandma)!!!!


5- Drama for jdramas, I’ve watched most of the classics ones before and 2011 wasn’t a good year for jdrama there wasn’t any popping up name. J drama should take it serious if they don’t want to be forgotten completely. in the contrary Korean made some of best asian dramas ever this year, their improvement is unbelievable. Secret Garden was a successful fairy tail adoption, smoothing and entertaining. City Hunter is a great adaptation of a Japanese manga, a good trailer drama, an step above for Korean dramas.
These days I am watching Downtown Abbey (Britain) a most see among all British dramas. As a history drama lover I am waiting to start Rome (American), it’s plot sounds so tempting.


To be continued…

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