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Posted on December 30, 2011


Continuing … my school. Naganuma Japanese Language School is one of the oldest Japanese Language school start in 1946. It is located in Shibuya which was the first thing catch my eyes when I was searching for a Japanese school, campus is full of young students from different countries who talk Japanese together! As the history page of their website more the 2500 student has graduated from Naganuma from more then 100 country, nobody remember if we have Iranian student before here, am I the first? When you walk in school You could hear very basic funny Japanese to fluent conversation of the seniors. First months was hard to talk with others in class most of students don’t talk English but in someway it help us to try talking in Japanese and find a way to express our feeling with limited vocabulary. A few weeks ago I was walking in Shibuya with a friend from China. As we were walking to the station I just recognized we are talking full of enthusiasm in Japanese…It feels great because we used to seat beside each other from the first day on school, she doesn’t talk english and I don’t know Chinese then we spent most of our time in silence. It looked like magic: we are talking in japanese!

Naganuma’s teachers I could see my tannin sensei here

Kendo class “I am the luckiest person in the world” it is how I felt after my first kendo class. Honeymoon always feels great ne? 4 months has passed and now I say kendo is definitely hard.


Relax your shoulder, Concentrate, massugu. These simple actions are so “hard to master”
(massugu means straightforward)

This Best List is short compare to past years which make my life looks kind of substandard! leaving my known world with all the Cafes, bookstores, friends, theaters and coming to a new country… it seems beside learning language and passing this barrier there’s lots of job to do. I’ve started making a new world with it’s connections, resort places here…but in a deeper layer I coudn’t have a rich life without understand this society, I learnt a great deal from it till now but it seems paradoxical must of the time. Japan is not easy to understand.

In a few words, it was a hard year with lots of studies and challenging with kanjis but I am happy with how far I come this year and impatient to see what next year brings my way. Could they help me pursuing my greatest dreams?

By Noushin
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