2011 Wins: #4

Posted on December 31, 2011



Tokyo, Japan is a really beautiful place. Coming here leaves no hint of regret. It’s just the place to be in 2011. All those negative stuffs some people say or think because of the tsunami don’t matter at all. This is a safe zone and nothing to fear. Besides, there’s really nothing to fear at all.

Anywhere we go there are plus and minuses. Risks and benefits. Some say it’s not safe to go to Japan because earthquakes and tsunami are prevalent. I say, anywhere you go there are always two sides of the coin. So rather than being fearful and not being able to experience other nations such as this one, I would prefer going out of the comfort zone. And I did this 2011 as I’m here in Tokyo, enjoying every bit of it. Tourists, just come on up here and be a gaijin yourself.

Thumbs up for TOKYO, JAPAN!!!

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