Dragon year

Posted on January 3, 2012


2012 is Dragon year. Officially as Chinese calendar it will start from 23 January but Tokyo and other city’s in east Asia started celebrating dragon year from the new year’s eve. Tokyo is covered by Dragon’s image and people wishing each other a soaring year like dragon itself.


My mom like Chinese zodiac (which is not that popular in Iran) and we grow up by some hints about our Chinese zodiac signs but now being in Tokyo I feel it more. Dragon sign associate with some countries like China, Japan, Denmark, Vietnam and Iran! I didn’t know this now I am going to be more positive about future. I should be crazy to say something like this in this situation when my country experiencing one of it’s most difficult times but I am sure there’s nothing bad about being positive. Anyway it’s Dragon year!

Back to Japan, it seems Chinese tradition find their ways in japanese culture. In Osaka there is an annual ceremony, in this ceremony past year Chinese Zodiac sign give the responsibility to the new year sign. This year Rabbit gave the responsibility to seahorse! This year is Water Dragon year then maybe it has something to do with water or maybe it is because of seahorse’ kanji (竜の落し子) which means “baby dragon” in japanese. But generally I see familiar red happy dragon face everywhere.

Dragon known to be symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power. Dragons must be free and inhabitant (exiting ne?) it is a beautiful creature, colorful and flamboyant and most inspiring part dragon make it to the top. Doesn’t it encourage you to make awesome plan for this year and fly high like a Dragon?

Come on UP House.

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