Posted on January 5, 2012


I was walking in my neighborhood today. Most of the house has these beautiful decorations hang on their doors. They call them Shimekazari, it’s a Shintoism tradition for new year. There’s many kind of them and each has it’s meaning they could be symbols for longevity, academic success, prosperity… But in general they block bad luck and welcoming Shintoist Gods. Some of them are so cute.

one of our neighbor’s Shimekazari

Ours was so plain nothing significant about it. I hope Gods considered that there’s a share house and we are young and giddy! We even postponed Osouji to after new years. I mean everybody was busy in that time. Osouji is cleaning up all the house for new year to welcoming Gods and start a fresh in the year coming. We have the same tradition in Iran and it’s a nightmare for Kids. You know what I mean mothers could overdo this kind of things.
all the new year day I was feeling my grandma around looking me with unsatisfied eyes!
Dear Grandma and Gods could have more trust in us! We gonna do Osouji soon in one of the days coming when we have free time.

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