2011 Wins: #3 Drink Bars & Vendos

Posted on January 7, 2012


I know it’s too simplistic. But you can’t really find drink bars and vending machines in the Philippines. But here in Tokyo, oh wow they’re everywhere!

Drink Bars. I must admit, I was a hard drinker in my younger years. And most of the bargains as a Filipino would involve alcoholic drinks. The good thing about these drink bars in Tokyo is that it provides fun and satisfying drinks to younger ones/students without getting them to drink alcohol (I know it’s not allowed here). So the young people are given a good means to enjoy their hangouts at karaokes and affordable restos with delicious, colorful drinks. That’s a BIG PLUS!

Vending Machines. Walking around Tokyo for almost three months, it’s amazing how you won’t go thirsty during a long walk even when you’ve forgotten to bring your tumbler. Just look around, then you’ll most likely find a vending machine with great choices of cheap drinks.

I frequent at Ebisu share house of Come on UP. When we get thirsty or we want to get some warmers like Cocoa, it’s just meters away from two vending machines. I just find it really nice!

Thanks Tokyo!
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By: Boj (blogging staff for Come on UP)

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