Walking in Tokyo is tiring

Posted on January 7, 2012


What is your image when thinking about Tokyo? In surface it’s a high-Tech megacity, modern architects with a great complex transportation system, lots of arcades and food shops. there is also many sidewalks to hidden locations, like entwine of narrow streets behind the stations full of little wooden bars which surprise you. Tokyo has its unique approach to urbanity. It’s a exciting city full of unexpected with energetic people.


Image this and you have fast and furious Tokyo. No stop No rest No waisting time. If you stop in street you see people passing you hurriedly. People in this city seems to live in haste all the time. I’m sure you heard stories about cities which never sleeps but in Tokyo’s case it more refer to companies and offices. City has an unstopping working eagin.


Tokyo is what they call “benri” and it’s true, the city gives you what you need vendor machines sell everything 24 hours and Bento stalls are everywhere but Tokyo is not a comfortable city. It’s not design to be comfortable. Nearly no bench in streets, lack of little local parks, no open aire cafes. I’m wondering how urban planner of this city thinking about meaning of human life.

Half of Tokyo was destroyed after WWII …city was rebuild but government’s focus was more on supporting economy and in a short time They have done a great job. Now Japan is second big economy power in the world. But is’t time to slow paces and live with more tranquility?

Urban planing has a direct effect on our living standards, our body and mental health. Truth is It determine boundaries of our life in city. Being productive is admirable but don’t we need free spaces, free times to wander around time to time? Tokyo is planed to be a busy city for its 30 million residents. I love big cities, never even thought about living in an small town and I am sure there’s ways to add more versatility to metropolises.


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