Stormy start

Posted on January 10, 2012


Winter vacation is passed like wind and school started from today, As expected today was stormy with studying new lessons from the first moment. No wasting time in the first day after vacation! Anyway we aren’t learning just language but our teachers trying to make us familiar with Japan’s culture as much as possible then we are practicing japanese way of living! After became forced to concentrating on the class and new kanjis when we nearly forgot everything about vacations, our teacher back to vacation and new year story!
Because it was our first new year in Japan, everybody had interesting story to tell. One of Chinese friend told us story of seven Gods traveling in a ship (called Takarabune or “treasure ship”) together. They bring luck and presents in new year, these Gods are originally Chinese Gods. In my eyes they look like Santa Claus in Japan and China. Our teaches told us some children even sleep with a red sucks under their pillow which has a picture of seven Gods on it but in general it is a tradition to buy wooden pluck which had their image on it.


Many stories and funny experiences but Seven Gods of Luck story was the best in my eyes.These Gods traveled together for hundred of years. Isn’t it nice? Good team work guys.

But again, as expected school is not a place for fooling around! then They finished today’s lesson by asking us to write a short essay in Japanese about our goals for this year And it was completely sudden and it wasn’t that short too!
It seems we really came to an upper level class.

Come on UP House.

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