Lost in Tokyo? Finding Your Home

Posted on January 12, 2012


Yesterday, I was diggin on this video I found from another blogger. The video showcases 10,000 photos by Mark Bramley in a very interesting way. A mix of still photos in lowlight mostly and some video clips around Tokyo. Check this out.

After watching the video, it makes you really think that being lost in Tokyo would not at all be a problem. It’s just too beautiful to worry about getting lost. Oh well, for as long as you have enough bucks to go around and a map, you won’t have to worry.

Being lost in Tokyo, by experience, is not really a problem. It’s as if you’re always home. I admire houses like this one I am right now. Share houses that provide shelter to both gaijins and Japanese. Even when you’re away from home, it’s as if you’re still home as you get to share a house with new friends you can build you life with in the next months or years. With a home like this, it’s as if you’re home. That’s why it’s a privilege to tell people about finding their homes. For a place like Tokyo, getting lost geographically and figuratively will not really be much of a problem.

Oh Tokyo life, I will miss you!

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Video Credit: Lost in Tokyo from Mark Bramley on Vimeo.


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