Watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu review

Posted on January 12, 2012


One of the rare occasion to see a Japanese drama which all lead roles are girls! “The Reason I Can’t Find My Love” follows the lives of three women who have difficulties in dating and finding love, and who don’t have the same problem in this world!


Emi (Karina), Saki (Yuriko Yoshitaka) and Mako (Yukon Oshima) are three high school classmates who after long time suddenly come to a situation which make them living together under a same roof and Such a roof! It’s a beautiful old house with old furniture and a little inside- garden.

Girls has different character and it seems story is been telling by a women seating in a book-cafe and writing story on her laptop. even we don’t see the face of writer,you gonna think she is Saki who saying clearly she want to be a writer in the first episodes . All girls has their stories but they back home to talk together when eating delicious food which Mako make every night. Many nagging, rummers here.

Emi is working in a lighting company she’s independent, enjoying her job and wearing working style everyday. Mako is typically Japanese working women shy, cute but so introvert, Saki is mysterious one here, she is working in a hostess club kind of cabaret but when her mother find out and become angry about it, she says she is not working there for money but she wanted to experience working in a place like that! I liked Saki’s character so much.


Girls continuing their struggling life, become disappointed, happy, sad… but nice thing is they talk to each other without judging each other or ignoring their different characters. And for sure their finding new ways and new loves…isn’t it the same for all of us? We gonna find new happiness if continuing walking our road.
I find story enjoyable and my respect for Karina has increased this woman has am amiable character.This drama remember me of Jean Austin book club because of its bright color and smooth story theme.
Drama has Namie Amuro’s (who is a very cool women herself!) Love Story as sound track. I loved sound track and I think her character was compatible with the story. Good thing is all the men personage look so real, they remember me of men I met or loved before. And this help story to not became one-sided. Overly an enjoyable meaningful drama to watch. I am not a man then I don’t know how they think about an story like this but it’s a recommended one for women for sure.

Come on UP House.

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