Finding Todoroki

Posted on January 13, 2012


On a beautiful Wednesday morning, I had to take my own version of Amazing Race once again. This time, to Todoroki House of Come on UP.


So let’s begin. I started walking to the train station at 0850. Morning breeze in Tokyo has just been soooo cold lately. What can you expect, it’s Winter. At 0904, I was at the Toyocho Station and off to Kudanshita to transfer to the Hanzomon line going to Shibuya.

Interesting stuff: The HANZOMON LINE’s last station is Shibuya. But when you’re going to OYAMADAI station, you don’t have to get off at Shibuya. When you get to Shibuya, the train announcer would tell you LAST STOP FOR HANZOMON LINE but after a while, a new announcer says that it has now been RENAMED TO ANOTHER LINE (All in Japanese). So, it’s the same platform but two different lines at some point.

Back to the race. At 0955, I was at the FUTAKO TAMAGAWA station–the connecting station to Oyamadai-bound train. I know. I was late. Tozai had longer stops than expected. I lost the race apparently. So my officemate/friend called up and asked me where I was. He was relieved to know that I was at that station already. I took that line to Oyamadai. And it turned out to be a short one since Futako Tamagawa was just two stations away from Oyamadai.

At 1010, I met my friend. We walked to the Todoroki House. And look what I found…

That’s the road to the house.

That’s the house with a nice verranda.

Let’s go inside…


This is my favorite part of the house. I can imagine reading a book alone here.. Or inviting friends to hang out with me in this area.

Speaking of books… I think the residents of this house like to read books.

My journey to the Todoroki house was good. I got to buy some healthy popcorn and crackers too from the nearby supermarket. Walking around, I found the community atmosphere really serene. Nice place to live at.

It was worth the ‘amazing race’ to the house.
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By: Boj (blogging staff for Come on UP)

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