Artsy Fartsy Home in Tokyo

Posted on January 14, 2012


When I got to the Todoroki House, I was entertained with what I’ve seen. Best to show it through photos.

This is part of their living room wall… And yes, they paint on it. They can paint whatever they want to… Nice, right?

Felt like home there at the Todoroki house.

The FISH floor mat. Cute!

You know Noushin right? The other blogger for this blog. Those are her photos I think posted on the door. They’re nice!

It was a good day visiting the Todoroki flat share. We helped the other staff clean some stuff while the roommates were out for their daily routines. For the next post, see how easily it was to transform an old bathroom to a fresh one at Todoroki house.


Todoroki house is one of the share houses of Come on UP House.
By: Boj (blogging staff for Come on UP)

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