Homare Sawa and her kimono

Posted on January 15, 2012


I guess you heard the news. Last week Hamare Sawa, Japan’s women soccer team captain stood by Lionel Messi to receive her award. They named as best player of 2011


I wasn’t a big fan of women soccer, now I am just adjusting myself to women soccer and Women World Cup was like practicing. I liked Sawa, she was sparkling in world cup but she won my hear by appearing in last week’s FIFA ceremony wearing a kimono.

That’s something amaze me again and again about Japan. they live their traditions in this modern age without looking old fashion or strange. Temples, festivals traditional foods, architect and furniture…. It seems they find a way to be modern but yet themselves . And we accept it in all the world. if the winner was an Iranian girl … It’s hard for me to imagine her in an Iranian traditional dress! It seems in Iran we went wrong somewhere in the middle of becoming adopted to modern lifestyle. Maybe being slow somehow became Japan’s strong point.if you come to japan, slow bureaucratic system gonna make you crazy time to time…. but it seams it is efficient to think before doing something!

Recently They appear more in TV, they were in many of end year specials for 2011. After watching their friendship, good teamwork and cheerful behavior now I like all the team and waiting to see more from them. Japan’s Women Soccer Team is going to be another icon for Japan. In a country which you don’t see women much in front line.

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