Coldest Morning

Posted on January 18, 2012


This morning must have been my coldest experience so far here in Tokyo.

Yup, Filipinos like me are not used to Winter. Even when it’s not winter itself, we’re just not used to COLD weather. We love HALO-HALO, that mix of sweets with crushed ice, and any cold drink. But please, not cold weather.

That’s what a Halo-Halo looks like.

I wanted to stay inside my room longer with my forever Tokyo roommate–my wife. But I couldn’t because I needed to come here to Shimuzu house via the Ogikubo station. As of this writing, I am here in this house in one of the available rooms. Thanks to the heater that’s keeping me alive!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tokyo… Just can’t stand the weather most of the time… SAMUI!!! Too cold! But I gotta survive for the next two weeks. After that, back to the same old same old Philippines.

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By: Boj

Photo credit: TechnoPinoy via Flickr

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