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Posted on January 18, 2012


What movie have you watched lately?

I recently watched this movie “The Help” that received so many awards so far. It’s a fiction novel about the African-American house helpers or housemaids in Mississipi. I’m not going to spoil the movie so just a piece in a nutshell.

Photo from the official website of The Help movie.

***It revolves around the lives of the housemaids who were treated as slaves to the point that they were not allowed to use the toilet in the house they’re serving. It was because at that time, most of the bosses didn’t want to share their toilet with their housemaids. And then a writer comes to the town and made that angle a book, then came the release of the book with the same title as the movie.***

As a Filipino gaijin, I grew up with housemaids. But we didn’t treat them as nobodys. We treated them like family. Coming to Tokyo, I noticed that housemaid is not part of their vocabulary here. Which is to me a good thing. People learn to do essential things for and by themselves. There’s a sense of independence that I somehow like. In one way or another, people have to be taught independece. Japanese people are blessed to grow up in such a culture, or at least as far as my observation in Tokyo is concerned.

Last week, I went to the Todoroki house to help out in the house cleaning. All of us, staff for Come on UP, did our parts to help clean the essential parts of the house. I took care of the exhaust area. THAT WAS GREASY!!! But I enjoyed doing it with others. I also helped out in the cleaning of the sink. So lemme show you some of our ‘before and after’ shots.

The sink sooo clean.




This is what I like about it here. They do not rely on others for their own needs. We helped one another to clean the Todoroki house. Instead of paying for help, we helped one another because we have a sense of ownership.

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