Have a coffee with me

Posted on January 21, 2012


How about a story for tonight? Ha? My friends’ve filled their Facebook’s pages with pictures of their snowy day in Tehran…But all I have is just my weather app picture!!

I missed having coffee with friends…
There’s no way to feel the same by skype meets really!

Ok let’s back to the story; Once upon a time There was a class and a philosophy professor. One day he came to the class with a big glass box. He put it on the table and started to fill it with golf balls. When there were no more space he asked students, ” is the box full? ”
Students answered ” yes”.
But He start to fill box with pebbles and again asked ” is this box full?”
“yes” Students answered.

Then professor brought out a bottle full of sands and poured it to the box. Sands filled all the empty spaces between golf balls and pebbles. He asked again ” is this box full now?”
Students who were confused by him answered yes again.

Then he took two cup of coffee and poured coffee on the box. Students were laughing and waiting to see where this gonna end.

Professor waited them to stop laughing and then said ” This box is look like your life. These golf balls are your most important property like your gods, family, child, your loves… Pebbles are your worthy things like your job, house or your car but Sands they are everyday, routine tasks”

” be careful! If you pour the sands first there’s not gonna be any space for golf balls and pebbles, the same is with your life. If you spend all your time for everyday tasks there’s not gonna be any space for more important things. Don’t forget to Play with your children, take care of your health and spend time with friends and family…Take care of your golf balls! ”

At that moment one of students asked” then what was the meaning of that two cup of coffees?”


Professor smiled and said ” they were there to show you it is not important that how much busy you are or how much problem you have, there is still place for drinking a cup of coffee with a friend.”

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