Asakura Keita Vs. Mr. Smith

Posted on January 25, 2012


Mr. Smith goes to Washington is one of the best Capra’s movies, winer of Oskar for best original story of 1939. I loved everything about Smith’s story, his childish believe for justice, his enthusiasm to make the world better place happen. He is a hero without any unnatrural ability, actually dosent even have high IQ his only ability he has is his pure heart. And that makes him powerful, powerful like wind… Nobody’s able to stop wind anyway!


and Change japanese drama starts undubtetlly with the same storyline.
Somewhere far from capital a congressman’s death has made his party worry about a substitute for upcoming election… What they gonna do? They decide to choose last person in the world to become a politician as their puppet AND there is where our story begins!

Both of them are handsome men and have a beautiful secretary besides them to learn them politic roles and its dirty connections….but they are not politician they don’t have desire for power then these two man one in 1939 washington one in 2008 Tokyo start to shake base of whole politician worlds by their naive, childish and kind behavior.


I recommend both of them movie is a most see if you are a movie classic Lover. It is an interesting movie you gonna laugh and cry with this crazy man Smith. For Japanese adaption it’s really good drama another good work of Kimura takuya, now I believe what I heard from friend when I start to watch japanese dramas; this man is a great actor.

I watched Mr. Smith goes to washington a lot of times, maybe because I wanted myself to not forget my child dreams, my desire for a better world and my childish believe that I will be able to make this world a better place. Watching drama has the same effect but for sure you gonna see more about hard work and efforts which making the result. You know western like to jump from hard part and show the glory of victory fast when Japanese insist on the process which could receive you to victory.
Both women roles have powerful character. Which was more adorable? Hard to choose.

Anyway I am sure there is nothing wrong to stay full of hope, naive and simple as when we were a child. They say we even will be able to pass Heaven’s gate!

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