Online shopping in Tokyo

Posted on January 28, 2012


I am so excited, Today they delivered my long waited dress. recently I am able to read Japanese more easier and enjoying online shopping here. I was so confused at first, If you are an student and don’t have a acceptable part time job it is better to bring your credit card with you. But untile you are able to find your item in japanese websites online shopping is so easy in Japan.

you should just choose paying in conbini (japanese abbrevation for convinient stores) . And there’s many Korean and Chinese websites too which work with this system. Isn’t it easy? Even kids are able to shop online without any help.


After choosing conbini paying you receive a code, just show that code in a conbini and and pay money and you have done! Good thing is Conbinis are everywhere in Japan. I guess You are not able to walk in Tokyo more than a 500 meter without seeing one of them!

Most of the time Conbini charge you less than banks. Then it’s good idea to know about their service if you are going to live in Japan for a longer period of time. For example it’s cheaper to pay your insurance bills in conbini.

System in Japan has designed to able citizens to reach what they need fast and easy. Sound great? Yah conbinis are open 24/7, train system could reach you to already all destinations in Tokyo and here and there you see vendor machines sells wide range of goods. This system makes your life easier but Japan is a mess when Your task has any relationship with outsideJapan.

This coin has a Face Down! I was shocked by this fact; Japan has a closed system and you seethis effect in everyday aspect of your life. Could you imagine your cell phone not working in neighbor country? Yes your Japanese cell phne is as useful as a piece of rock after you passed Japan’s borders. here’s a belive it or not but it’s real game in Japan and this one is one of them!
I am patiently waiting to be more connected to the rest of the world here but until then I am gonna enjoy my easy life in Tokyo.

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