Windy day

Posted on February 1, 2012


How was the fist month of 2012 for you? For me it was a months full of different activities and so much studies, no lazy day no idling around! I have so much to do this year as I am thinking why I didn’t done some of these jobs last year when I had time to watch anime and read novels everyday! Now I look at last year it seems so luxurious.
This year we, students of Japanese language school have so many exams. Some friends preparing themselves for N1 level of prophecy in Japanese language…it is so hard to pass this level in japanese language, probably after that you know moe kanji compare to average japanese! But I am ok with a good grade in N2 which is a level for average Japanese.
After that we should choose our university or vocational school and prepare ourselves for interance exams and interviews all in japanese! Imagine you are answering chemical questions in Japanese!
But in someway I am so happy this year, I start the year with a positive impression and it seems I am more busy to be worry about anything.

It’s a cold in Japan and as I heard it is the same in other countries too. People walking event faster than before in street sheltering themselves in coats, hats, glove… We pass by each other without much eye contact or smile. Now I understand why people in warm countries look more happy!

Oh I forget masks! H1N1 Influenza is spreading through Japan and everyday you see more and more people with mask in public places. Our school ask students to NOT come to school if they think(!) they got influenza and their absence gonna be clear! This is first time they told us not to come to school.
They say more than 20,000 people got influenza inside Japan. They tell us repeatedly to use mask and I am added to masked people in street too! Not a nice image but yah I really don’t want to loose classes in these busy days.

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