New season

Posted on February 7, 2012


Are you watching dramas? New year started in japan with new maney new dramas. In our house people are busy and most of the time they just watch what ever they find interesting if they have time, it was me who start watching Yokai Ningen Bem last year. I was watching it every week and everybody found it funny but they used to it fast and even start to watch it with me…

Now we have a new girl in house. she’s American, loves dramas, watch TV so much and her knowledge about singers and actors is surprisingly high! I told this to receive to our condition now. Because of Lora now people back home soon to watch drama. And it’s so much fun to find something to do tougher and spend more time together in hall than staying in our rooms by our computers.

“lucky Seven” in Monday night and Risou no Musuko in saturday are so funny. Last week for Risou no Musuko I got a stomach ache after laughing too much! It’s look like I back to my high school time and watch TV with my sibling.


This one is so recommended!


Poster is not that interesting but anyway these people are member of a detective agency…funny but acceptable characters and I really don’t find an acceptable reason why I laugh every time I see Matsomoto in this drama…

Come on UP House.

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