I saw giraffes

Posted on February 14, 2012


Do you ever had an experience which make you think it has been in my destiny? I guess even people who don’t believe there’s something called destiny, time to time have a feeling of being in a right place in a right time.

Last night in the way home I look up sky was cloudy, I thought “there’s no chance to see stars tonigh” when suddenly I remembered another night in another place when in the home I looked up and look at the sky…a summer night with full moon and warm wind in Tehran.

That day started with an intense phone conversation with my father, they wanted me to back to my Safe job and stope wandering around. As he was mentioning photography! Completely unintentionally I said to my father “I don’t wanna dye without seeing giraffes in Africa”. thinking about it now I really said something weird! Anyway day continued…in the evening I had a appointment with one of the oldest photography magazine editor. His office is always an interesting place full of books, magazine and brusher of old biennials… We were talking when another young documentary film maker come in too. He was complaining about an assistant who quitted their coming project in Somalia. It seems Horrible news about journalist being shot or killed in mogadishu forced that assistant to quit. And I said it without thinking ” replace me “. And in 2 days I was done vaccinations and was packing my backpack before going to airport.

That night after talking with that young director in the way back home I was ALIVE maybe as alive as Moon or the wind itself. The calmness inside, I was in the right place.

I went to Somalia. After finishing the short movie when others back home I change my flight for Nairobi. I saw my giraffes and so many other beautiful and ugly things…I backed home two months later with more tan face, a heart full of sweet and sad memories and many pictures.


I really don’t know why I went to that trip. but I still feel something was there for me, The only thing I know clearly is that trip was meant to happen.

Come on UP House.

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