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The Help

January 18, 2012


What movie have you watched lately? I recently watched this movie “The Help” that received so many awards so far. It’s a fiction novel about the African-American house helpers or housemaids in Mississipi. I’m not going to spoil the movie so just a piece in a nutshell. Photo from the official website of The Help […]

Coldest Morning

January 18, 2012


This morning must have been my coldest experience so far here in Tokyo. Yup, Filipinos like me are not used to Winter. Even when it’s not winter itself, we’re just not used to COLD weather. We love HALO-HALO, that mix of sweets with crushed ice, and any cold drink. But please, not cold weather. That’s […]

Artsy Fartsy Home in Tokyo

January 14, 2012


When I got to the Todoroki House, I was entertained with what I’ve seen. Best to show it through photos. This is part of their living room wall… And yes, they paint on it. They can paint whatever they want to… Nice, right? Felt like home there at the Todoroki house. The FISH floor mat. […]

Finding Todoroki

January 13, 2012


On a beautiful Wednesday morning, I had to take my own version of Amazing Race once again. This time, to Todoroki House of Come on UP. Mission: ARRIVE AT OYAMADAI EXIT at 0950. So let’s begin. I started walking to the train station at 0850. Morning breeze in Tokyo has just been soooo cold lately. […]

Lost in Tokyo? Finding Your Home

January 12, 2012


Yesterday, I was diggin on this video I found from another blogger. The video showcases 10,000 photos by Mark Bramley in a very interesting way. A mix of still photos in lowlight mostly and some video clips around Tokyo. Check this out. After watching the video, it makes you really think that being lost in […]

2011 Wins: #3 Drink Bars & Vendos

January 7, 2012


I know it’s too simplistic. But you can’t really find drink bars and vending machines in the Philippines. But here in Tokyo, oh wow they’re everywhere! Drink Bars. I must admit, I was a hard drinker in my younger years. And most of the bargains as a Filipino would involve alcoholic drinks. The good thing […]

2011 Wins: #4

December 31, 2011


Tokyo, Japan is a really beautiful place. Coming here leaves no hint of regret. It’s just the place to be in 2011. All those negative stuffs some people say or think because of the tsunami don’t matter at all. This is a safe zone and nothing to fear. Besides, there’s really nothing to fear at […]