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Pirates flag in Shibuya

February 18, 2012


A few days ago walking in shibuya station i felt uneasy, looked around to find what’s the matter and I got the reason pirate’s flags! they weren’t there any more. This flag 🙂 For a few weeks shibuya station were decorated by one piece ‘s posters. Face of the adorable pirates and their flags. Among […]

I saw giraffes

February 14, 2012


Do you ever had an experience which make you think it has been in my destiny? I guess even people who don’t believe there’s something called destiny, time to time have a feeling of being in a right place in a right time. Last night in the way home I look up sky was cloudy, […]

New season

February 7, 2012


Are you watching dramas? New year started in japan with new maney new dramas. In our house people are busy and most of the time they just watch what ever they find interesting if they have time, it was me who start watching Yokai Ningen Bem last year. I was watching it every week and […]

Mochimaki, Setsubun and Kamemaki

February 5, 2012


Yesterday was the beginning of spring in the Japanese lunar calendar or setsubun. As an interesting tradition Japanese chase away bad sprite or bad luck and pray for good luck by a ritual called Mamemaki. Mame are soybeans and maki come from throwing. Literally they chase out bad luck by throwing soybeans. As our teacher […]

Windy day

February 1, 2012


How was the fist month of 2012 for you? For me it was a months full of different activities and so much studies, no lazy day no idling around! I have so much to do this year as I am thinking why I didn’t done some of these jobs last year when I had time […]

Online shopping in Tokyo

January 28, 2012


I am so excited, Today they delivered my long waited dress. recently I am able to read Japanese more easier and enjoying online shopping here. I was so confused at first, If you are an student and don’t have a acceptable part time job it is better to bring your credit card with you. But […]

Asakura Keita Vs. Mr. Smith

January 25, 2012


Mr. Smith goes to Washington is one of the best Capra’s movies, winer of Oskar for best original story of 1939. I loved everything about Smith’s story, his childish believe for justice, his enthusiasm to make the world better place happen. He is a hero without any unnatrural ability, actually dosent even have high IQ […]