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I saw giraffes

February 14, 2012


Do you ever had an experience which make you think it has been in my destiny? I guess even people who don’t believe there’s something called destiny, time to time have a feeling of being in a right place in a right time. Last night in the way home I look up sky was cloudy, […]

Windy day

February 1, 2012


How was the fist month of 2012 for you? For me it was a months full of different activities and so much studies, no lazy day no idling around! I have so much to do this year as I am thinking why I didn’t done some of these jobs last year when I had time […]

Online shopping in Tokyo

January 28, 2012


I am so excited, Today they delivered my long waited dress. recently I am able to read Japanese more easier and enjoying online shopping here. I was so confused at first, If you are an student and don’t have a acceptable part time job it is better to bring your credit card with you. But […]

Have a coffee with me

January 21, 2012


How about a story for tonight? Ha? My friends’ve filled their Facebook’s pages with pictures of their snowy day in Tehran…But all I have is just my weather app picture!! I missed having coffee with friends… There’s no way to feel the same by skype meets really! Ok let’s back to the story; Once upon […]

It’s snowing here in Tokyo

January 20, 2012


First snow in tokyo, I am so excited that I am writing this in the middle of class! as a tradition everybody’s late in snowy days. Now I understand how much I was waiting for Winter to come. I miss my apartment in Tehran where in winter I used to sit by the fireplace watching […]

The Help

January 18, 2012


What movie have you watched lately? I recently watched this movie “The Help” that received so many awards so far. It’s a fiction novel about the African-American house helpers or housemaids in Mississipi. I’m not going to spoil the movie so just a piece in a nutshell. Photo from the official website of The Help […]

Coldest Morning

January 18, 2012


This morning must have been my coldest experience so far here in Tokyo. Yup, Filipinos like me are not used to Winter. Even when it’s not winter itself, we’re just not used to COLD weather. We love HALO-HALO, that mix of sweets with crushed ice, and any cold drink. But please, not cold weather. That’s […]