What You Can Read Here

Share house. It may not be a very common concept to you for now. But it will be very soon. And this blog aims at getting you closer to the beautiful concept of share house. As a glimpse to the posts you can read in this blog, these phrases describe it simply.

Friends. Family. Fun.

Lives lived together in share houses.

It may be another WordPress blog but not another ranting page. Here, you will find great stuffs about the experiences and other resources on share houses.

So enjoy reading our posts and viewing some of our photos.

For easy navigation, you can check out categories on the right side.

FRESH ONES are updates about share houses and events. We usually have pretty photos of these events and houses so do check.

MY LIFE IN JAPANESE SHARE HOUSE are personal blogs of one of the residents of Come on UP share houses. Take it from a gaijin herself.

Q & As are helpful posts that will answer your questions related to share houses at a personal level. Residents themselves are the ones who give out the answers to your questions.

For more, check us out at Come On UP House.

One Response “What You Can Read Here” →

  1. J. Kulisap

    January 20, 2012

    Ok, bilang panimula ano ang salitang gaijin?

    Maganda yong tatlong F.


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